cherrytree 0.36.9 issued

• new icons for codebox and table, fixed icon for image
• updated Chinese language to 100% coverage (Channing Wong)
• updated German language (fix from Stefan Pöschel)

12 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.36.9 issued”

  1. Is it possible that git doesn’t update it to last version? After “git pull” it shows me that cherrytree is up-to-date, but when it opens main window, it shows message, that new version is available.

  2. @Kinami
    The languages depend from the volunteers that keep the languages up, thanks to Channing Wong for updating it in this case 🙂

    What happened is that the master branch, which has the most recent code, still had version 0.36.8 while the older branch where I released the new version from (named 0.36.x) had the version 0.36.9. I should have fixed the problem now, currently the master branch should display version 0.36.99 and you should see in the status bar a message indicating that you are using a development version.

  3. I m not able to copy text from CherryTree notes. Can you please fix this issue?
    I use 0.36.8 on windows environment.

  4. Is it possible to enter markup in the timestamp string that results in the timestamp printing automatically in bold text?

  5. Great product. I am using it for my customer data management. I am so happy with cherry tree. You may want to add that attachment feature like the NoteCase product, so we could add files to any node.

  6. Glad to see new version, but please fix command line handling in Windows already v_v

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