cherrytree 0.36.7 issued

• implemented font zoom in/out on tree and text with ctrl down and mouse wheel up/down
• implemented auto replace as you type of single and double quotes with smart quotes
• export to html: it is now possibile to override the default styles.css in the preferences dir
• updated icons of rich text color foreground/background
• updated language Czech (Pavel Fric)

6 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.36.7 issued”

  1. It feels like you’ve been pumping out the updates like crazy lately. Either that, or I was just late to the last few. Either way, you are doing a fantastic job adding in new features. Thank you for the hard work and fantastic program.

  2. Thanks for your continuous work on this nice utility 🙂

    I am having problems downloading the .7z portable version: it displays the contents of the container as text in my browser (firefox). I tried downloading a .7z file from another site ( and was asked whether to save or to open the file as expected (preference setting)

    Note: I have downloaded portable versions of cherrytree before.

  3. @Wim,@Eppo please try to right click on the link and select “save link as”, I also see this strange behaviour I’ll search for a solution.

    Thanks all for the feedback, I’ve just released a new version 0.36.8 since an user found an annoying bug with the zoom in/out with the mouse wheel and ctrl held down

  4. Hi, thanks for this great piece of software.

    Is there an option to disable replacing quotes with smart quotes?

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