2 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.36.6 issued”

  1. Greetings!
    I am glad to see CT getting better and better …
    There’s one feature i’m missing badly, however: when exporting a .pdf, i’d like CT to preserve hyperlinks in the finished .pdf document. I am working on a number of projects where i harvest web-URLs into my CT database (Firefox’ saved “bookmarks” work but are just too clumsy to manage within a given context). My CT databases work perfectly in that regard, but i’d like to preserve my URL-collections in my .pdf files (for archival reasons, mostly), sort of “snap-shot”-like. THAT would be a great feature to have which, btw, is supported by the AllMyNotes (windows-only) note-taker. Thanks for putting this on the list of sugegstions!

  2. Hi, the current library (GTK2) does not support the hyperlinks in pdf unfortunately but hopefully after switching to GTK3 I will be able to support them.

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