cherrytree 0.36.5 issued

• fixed color of highlighted line in rich text with light background
• fixed generation of pdf with colors coming from dark background not suitable for white background
• fixed missing checks in read only nodes
• fixed problem with html pasted from clipboard
• added Slovenian language, work of Erik Lovrič

8 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.36.5 issued”

  1. Hi,
    is there any schedule of upcoming features to cherryTree? I would like to know, when’ll be implemented history of visited nodes.
    Btw. I like cherryTree very much, I used to use Zim for my notes, but this looks better. In cherryTree there is not many of features like I used to use in Zim, but I’ll w8 🙂
    Thank you for you hard work.

  2. Dear Giuseppe

    “fixed color of highlighted line in rich text with light background”

    I don’t see it. I have a light background and dark text, but the highlighted line is still unreadable because I get a dark background color with my dark text! I think it should be possible for the user to make a choice here and select the color for this highlighted line, for it all depends on the colors you use.

    Or am I missing something 🙂

    Ger de Gooijer

  3. Dear Giuseppe,

    Thanks for your quick response. Fixing of the rich text highlighted line color in v 0.36.5 is working perfectly for me. I have used other tree style note applications in the past but (IMHO) Cherry Tree is far and away the best in it’s field.

  4. @tom.i
    Hi Tom, unfortunately I cannot define a schedule since my free time is currently very unpredictable. The first changes I wish to apply are the customisable keyboard shortcuts and an attempt to port the app to GTK3 (currently it is GTK2). What do you mean with history of visited nodes, you mean preserve it between different cherrytree sessions?

    @Ger de Gooijer
    Hi Ger, are you sure you upgraded properly? can you see the version 0.36.5 on the top title? If you are using a custom rich text foreground/background (not a pre-selected light or dark theme) please share with me your config.cfg so that I can reproduce the problem. The current implementation analyses the background color trying to classify it as light or dark; in your case it may be taking the wrong decision

    @Craig Buck
    Hi Craig, thanks for your feedback!

  5. Hi,

    Export to PDF is still not working (windoes portable version) 0.36.5
    Test it on a Previous release it workied 0.35.7

    Also test export to HTML and not all tree nodes are exported

    thank you very much

  6. @ngxtri
    Hi, I’m also on a 14.04 LTS based distribution and can’t see this problem.
    Is it for every copy and paste or copy from what and paste to what?

    Hi, unfortunately I can help you only if you send me the data that is failing
    to be exported and detail the failures (e.g. what nodes are not exported in html)

    Hi, I like the clickable history buttons over the editable window, I’ll see if I can
    implement something similar

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