8 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.36.3 issued”

  1. Thank you for an excellent program. Not much else compares in Linux.
    You will make my day when you introduce word count (crucial for novel writing).
    When are we likely to have that feature?

  2. I am running Cherry version 0.36.1.
    I download the installer for version 0.36.3 for Deb (ubuntu) and run it in the Ubuntu Software Center, where that offers only ‘reinstall’, which I do. Then when I run Cherry I see it’s running 0.36.1 and tells me that the newer version (0.36.3) is available.
    This note is FYI; Version 0,36.1 runs fine for me in Ubuntu 14.4/Xfce.

  3. Thanks very much for your good program.
    I use it to keep all kind of notes which now can be kept in one place with ease. including photos and links!!

    Only problem I have with your program, are the small icons.
    As I am over 60 years old, it is sometimes difficult to see the difference between them.
    Is there an option like in some other programs, to enlarge them? Or maybe this not yet implemented?

    Thanks anyway for this program

  4. Hi Peter, in the view menu there is the option to increase the toolbar icons size.
    Or you refer to other icons?

  5. Great app, thanks!!

    I know you are busy, but how about a working todo list with reminders and/or a way to report/print them in order of due/importance?

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