cherrytree 0.27 issued

• added preference option to enable the periodic check of the cherrytree document file for external updates
• added preference option to choose between appindicator and systray for panel docking
• added opportunity to restore the latest search all matches dialog with shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+A)
• added preference options for text and tree to choose between dark theme, light theme or custom colors
• added the opportunity to print / save as pdf / export of the selected text only
• added the opportunity to include the node name in print / save as pdf
• added import from Gnote (code from Rahul Sundaram)
• shortcut for paste as plain text in rich text node (Ctrl+Shift+V)
• adopted python ConfigParser for saving preferences, old preferences will be lost
• fixed several bugs
• a new French language maintainer is needed, thanks Ludovic for the great job you made


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