cherrytree 0.26 issued

• added text formatting superscript, subscript, monospace and h3
• h1, h2 and h3 formatting is now automatically applied to the whole row
• the switch between rich text and automatic syntax highlighting for the nodes is now simpler
• the dialog to choose the file storage type is now file extension oriented
• it is now possible to configure the default rich text foreground and background, so is for the tree
• the horizontal rule inserted characters are now configurable
• the TOC now includes h3 and can be created also for the whole tree
• the links anchors size is now configurable
• fixed several bugs
• we have now a complete manual of the application linked at help–manual (great job from Robert)
• WARNING: documents edited with a version >= 0.26 cannot be edited again with a version < 0.26

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