cherrytree 0.25 issued

• on linux, cherrytree can now be installed on any “prefix”, but the “exec-prefix” is not to be set different than “prefix”
• the minimum required gtk version is now 2.16
• the single (but very big) new feature is a new data storage type, a sqlite 3 database (which is anyway a single file). Storing the old way (a single xml file) will be still available but probably not much used since the new storage type offers faster reading, faster saving and less memory usage. To the two old file extensions “ctd” and “ctz” (xml and xml 7zipped+password protected) were added “ctb” and “ctx” (sqlite and sqlite 7zipped+password protected)
• since really a lot of code changed I ask everybody to backup the data and report possible bugs. To try the new storage type just click file–save as

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