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    I am exploring how to “drag and drop” nodes between CherryTree dual instances. I am reorganising a number of cherrytree documents and I need to rearrange content into a more orderly structure across multiple documents.

    I see that I can create File > New instance. But instead of launching a New instance how can I launch two existing cherrytree documents as two running instances in separate windows?

    Let’s refer to these two instances as “source” and “destination”. I can export node from “source” to “destination” – but export function
    replaces the content in “destination”. That is not what I want.

    Ideally I would like to launch two CherryTree windows and just drag a node from source and drop in to destination; for example as in Nautilus.

    In the absence of this “drag and drop node” feature I am considering how I could automate this process. I can envisage a script for this purpose. But is this feature planned for future release?

    For example under Tree > Node Move there are these operators:

    Node Up
    Node Down
    Node Left
    Node Right
    Node Change Parent

    could the following operator be added ..

    Node Change Parent Document

    which selects list of cherrytree documents to choose from as destination for this node?

    When destination document is selected the next list to display is the tree for insertion of the “moved” node.

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