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    I’ve used CherryTree on and off for several years.
    It all started with my desire to switch to an open source note-taking application and escape from MS OneNote. However, back in 2008, none of the open source solutions offered anything even close to OneNote.

    I then switched to TreeDBnotes (definitely not recommended) before migrating to MyInfo which is an exceedingly useful tool. I have examined nearly all open source note-taking apps and found only KeepNote and CherryTree to be sufficiently full-featured. I personally dislike any “minimalist” note-apps and find them utterly useless. If I want minimalist, I’ll use a Vic20 computer. I want powerful tool useful for writing, cataloging, and data analysis.

    I’ve been testing CherryTree for several weeks now. Its much improved compared to the last time I used it in 2010-12 when I far preferred the interface and functionality of KeepNote. Keepnote appears to have been abandoned since 2012.

    Though I do like CherryTree, I have several criticism:

    1. The interface is non-standard and is unintuitive compared to the standard and easy-to-understand interface of KeepNote. The note-taking app Mybase 5.5 and 6 had a rather non-standard interface which I greatly disliked. When I contacted the developer about this to suggest he change the interface, he denied it was unintuitive and claimed his clients liked it. Notwithstanding, he appears to have agreed with me as MyBase 7 completely droped the old ridiculous interface and now uses a much more standard interface and menu. Please consider restructuring the interface of CherryTree to be more like KeepNote and other note-taking applications like MyInfo or RightNote.

    2. Enable the use of database Tabs like in those in KeepNote, MyInfo, MyBase, Rightnote. Each tab allows the user to open and switch between separate databases with their tree-structures. This is an extremely useful design that allows for easy categorization of data.

    3. Improve keywording/tagging.
    Regarding tagging and keywording, please examine the keywording system used by the digital asset management tool (DAM) Imatch 5. There is a trial version available. Take note of the brilliant systems that it has implemented for keyword (tag) management. Adding keywords and allowing photographers to find images by keyword, and allowing users to place photos in virtual catalogues is the main purpose of Imatch.

    Imatch offers users a global thesaurus in which they can store and arrange all keywords in flat or hierarchical trees. Adding a keyword to a file is simple- start typing and if it exists in the thesaurus, it will appear and the user can select it to add to files.

    Regarding the design of a good tagging system: there’s no need to speculate and “reinvent the wheel”. Please do check out Imatch 5. The author of this program spent YEARS studying other application’s tagging systems and arrived at quite a brilliant system. IMatch’s keywording system is unparalleled.

    4. Implement QDA functions- the ability to code blocks of text.
    Qualitative data analysis programs are very useful research tools. I believe they mesh very well with tree-structured organizers. I believe there’s a huge demand for an open source, easy-to-use QDA analysis tool.

    Implementing the ability to code blocks of text CherryTree to function as a simple QDA (Qualitative data analysis software). Affordable QDA software essentially does not exist and there is undoubtedly a big demand from graduate students all over the world who would currently benefit from a simple QDA, but cannot afford one of the “big names”.

    Finally, my thanks to Guispen for his long and commendable efforts to produce this great software and release it under an open source license.

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    The interface is the best part of CherryTree! RightNote and MyInfo are so Windows 98!

    I’ve been thinking a lot about switching to something else because of the lack of an Android app, though, which I know is not trivial to implement!

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