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    Hi Giuseppe,

    is there a way to jump to a specific often used note (that has been bookmarked) by using a keyboard shortcut?


    I have setup a generic “log” page where I keep kind of a business diary. I am aware there is support for daily pages via shortcut F8, but then I get one note per day which makes it too difficult for me to check out a longer time frame like a week or month since I need to zap around between tons of single notes. I prefer to keep it in a single note for a longer timeframe.

    If there is no way to assign such shortcut yet, I would like to file this as feature request. I think it could be useful for other purposes as well.



    Hi, I like the idea to automatically assign keyboard shortcuts to reach the bookmarked nodes… could be for example Alt+1 for the first bookmarked node and so on for Alt+2, Alt+3… up to Alt+9, what do you think?



    Yes, that sounds like a good idea.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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