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    Since I have moved to Linux as my main operating system –
    Cherrytree seems to fit my needs better than the other Hierarchical notes databases I have tried.
    Twice since I have started using Cherrytree, I attempted to save the non-encrypted ctb file as usual – but for some reason the save failed -“cannot write to disk” and creates a .ctb-journal file.

    Since then, every time I open the file it is blank (no nodes showing at all) – and the file size reduced from 7.8 mg to 41 kb. Where did my notes go?? This is twice Cherrytree deleted the notes while trying to save them. I tried to find the answer on this forum and internet searching but found nothing. Is this a bug or what am I missing??

    I am running Manjaro XFCE 64 bit with 8 gb ram
    I am using CherryTree 0.38.1 locally – no networking.
    What other info do you need to help with this problem??
    I like this program and I don’t want to learn another notes software.
    Thank You for your help.



    I would need some help in being able to reproduce the problem, if you can do some testing and find a sequence of actions that causes the issue. If you just want to keep using the app without having the problem you may switch to the xml data storage.



    I have been out of town and after returning reinstalled my Operating System.
    Now that I’m able to get back to you – I think I have found why Cherrytree was crashing during saving the file.

    It was crashing because my OS was not automatically mounting the 2nd internal hard drive folder where the Cherrytree database files are located; so when I attempted to save the file it had no where to go.

    Since I noticed this mounting problem – I make sure the drive is mounted BEFORE I save the file. Cherrytree has not crashed since.

    Thank you for your help – Cherrytree is as great program !!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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