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    I have a database that grows and the number of nodes increases as time goes by.

    When I search in all node contents, I often find result from “old nodes”. For me that means logs that I want to store, but I’m not interrested in searching in those.

    Therefore I’ll suggest a feature: To be able to add a “special tag” meaning that this particular node won’t be included in a search.
    Example: If node have a tag “no-search-thisnode-content”, the node is excluded when searching for node contents.

    What also could work is to rework the search dialog, so it enables a user to skip searches in node contents if node have a certain tag.

    Say a boolean expression text box:
    If user write “And (Not “nosearch” And Not “excluded-from-search”).




    I have some small idea about searching in all nodes too.
    I would prefer to have “+ / -” icons to open or close searches for each node.
    So after search, you should see just main node names and there should be possibility to expand node for the deeper search.
    [+] Solution….
    [+] TaskList

    Is it understandable?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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