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    Hi Giuspen,

    Congrats on Cherrytree; it’s a great program.

    I thought I’d bother you with a few more feature requests.

    For the past 2 years I’ve been using the word-processor / file-manager Scrivener but I’m starting to reach the maximum filesize in several projects and the program is crashing or refusing to load. I need to transfer my projects to a different program.

    I’m not sure whether to move to Cherrytree or Treepad. Treepad works well with massive projects but doesn’t seem to receive much development and is frankly hideous, while Cherrytree is pretty but lacks some functionality.

    How stable is Cherrytree with large projects? Is there a maximum filesize before it crashes? I’ve noticed that it hangs, stops responding, and then crashes even when importing small projects. Will there be a fix for this any time soon?

    Can you please make a tool to import and export Scrivener files? I think it’s a collection of .rtfs with the hierarchy recorded in a .csv file. http://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivener.php

    Scrivener’s tree or “binder” also has some fantastic features which would work well in Cherrytree:
    o Shift + up/down to highlight multiple nodes in the Tree (rather than moving a file up or down) and then move them up, down, left, or right.
    o Duplicate selected node and all subnodes.
    o Split highlighted node into 2 nodes
    o Split node with selected text as title of new node. (shortcut: ctrl + shift + k)
    o Merge highlighted nodes. (shortcut: ctrl + m)
    o Hierarchical numbering of all nodes and also the removal of such numbering. (A feature in Treepad and Scrivener)
    o Drag & drop transfer of nodes between 2 open programs

    Thanks for your time and your marvellous program,


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