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    First I have to say I really like CherryTree, its looks promising.
    I want to move away from onetnote to an full offline solution, unfortunately there are some bugs that makes me can’t use CherryTree.

    I want to copy may notes with formatting (rich copy) from onenote to cherrytree. The orginal layout and formating looks like this in onenote. (Just dummy text)
    Onenote orginal layout

    When I paste the text in to cherrytree with ctrl+v (rich paste) it looks like the shoot to the left. Things like, bold, underline, links, highlights etc is copied as aspected but not indents like tabs. Which is really strange because indents/tabs are pasted when you paste with shift+ctrl+v (plain text paste), as could be seen in the middle shot. The indents/tabs should be pastes when you do a rich paste (ctrl+v), but not a plain text paste (shift+ctrl+v) and only want the plain text without any formatting. But now the are mixed in a strange way.
    Rich paste, plain text paste

    The second bug that can be seen i the picture above to the right is when you have done a ctrl+v paste and you want to undo that by pressing ctrl+z afterwards, the pasted text dont disapear, but instead gets messed up, and by pressing ctrl+z repeatadly just removes one raw/line at a time. If I do a ctrl+v and a ctrl+z I aspect all the pasted stuff to disapear like in usally do in other programs.

    The 3rd bug is when there is longer texts, the scrolling dont work without ther gets alot of artifacts, only parts of the text scrolls other parts dont updates. This makes it impossible almost to work with any longer texts, because you cant locate where you are in the text when there are no smooth scrolling.
    Scrolling artifacts, no smooth scrolling

    4th bugs is that it takes extremly long time to paste in any text that is not very short. This short text above makes take many seconds and cherrytree even gets “not respondning”. For text that are like 2-400 raws/lines can take minutes to paste with unresponsive.

    Really hops this bugs can be fixed, that would be awesome 🙂 Because Cherrytree seems to have great potentials.

    (CherryTree 0.37.6 on win10)

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