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    I have been using CherryTree for more than 3 years and it is my principal notes editor in Ubuntu 16.04.

    The developer, Giuspen, has explained development plans and it would impose more work to throw in requests for new features.

    Instead, what I’m starting on is developing an automation script to “auto-pilot” the existing CherryTree editor and add new functionality by exploiting a pipeline of integration with external utilities and scripts.

    Now to auto-drive CherryTree from an external automation script I need to use the command line facility of CherryTree.

    Reading the documents on command line usage I see that only *.ctb files can be opened through the command line.

    Is it possible to add *.ctd files to the command line?

    Also the command line api does not seem to work if I give a node name (following the -n argument) with spaces in the node name.

    I have tried wrapping strings with quotations but that does not work.

    Command line usage works fine if I remove spaces in the node name but that is not ideal.

    Using the unique_id for rich text nodes would be safer for the -n argument but I can work around spaces in the interim.

    When I can master the command line usage I will post some example automation scripts I find useful.

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    Hi @eureka, you can open any cherrytree document from the command line, not only .ctb. For the node name wrap it with double quotes (e.g. -n “target node name”) it must work, if not send me the document and your command line.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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