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    Hi All, since the next major version 0.39.x, CherryTree will switch to GTK3 and the Windows version will have a minimum requirement of Windows 7. Is anybody still using a 32 bit version of Windows 7 or I can take windows 7 64bit as a minimum?



    Hi Giuseppe,

    from my own usage nothing to say against. I use Linux Mint 64 bit.

    As Windows XP is since years out of support and for Vista the support will end in the coming month and also Vista never had been an important version I also see no problem for dropping support of both.

    But as a user, who is very active in the Mint support forum I see, that a not so small number of users still have a 32 bit system, not at least because of their hardware not being 64 bit capable. I also see a number of users, who have a 64 bit cpu, but not vt-x capable, so that they can only in case they install Windows as a virtual machine only use a 32 bit guest OS.

    Just to let you know.




    Hi Cosmo,

    Thanks I’ll start with Win7 32 bit. My Win7 virtual machine is 64 bit but producing the build with python 32 bit produces a 32 bit build and hopefully should run properly on Win7 32 bit as well.




    Hmmm… I have my netbook on 32bit Intel Atom and dualboot with Antegros (arch-based distro) and Windows XP SP3. It’s some unofficial build with interface hacks and applied reg hack to recieve POS updates for 2019.

    I can test new win32 binaries on it! 🙂

    P.S.: How is doing of your android build of cherrytree? Is it abandoned?



    Windows XP will not be supported anymore, the minumum will be Windows 7 32 bit. People will still be able to run on Windows XP from the python source code (I will describe how to run on windows from the python source code).
    Android experiments are freezed for now, I’m focusing on GTK3 porting.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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