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caja & nautilus pyextensions 3.4 issued

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

• added “TortoiseHG Here” that allows to open the TortoiseHG Workbench on the selected folder/current directory for either Caja and Nautilus 3

cherrytree 0.35.1 issued

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

• bugfix: pressing cancel on node add/edit dialog still inserts corrupted node

cherrytree 0.35.0 issued

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

• the toolbar is now configurable in a dedicated preferences dialog tab.
• added configurable option to use relative paths in links to files and folders.
• added limit of 10 MB to embedded files. embedding larger files is not safe.
• implemented the possibility to open embedded files with double click or right click menu. the opened embedded file is saved to a temporary location and opened with an external application same as it happens for links to files. the temporary file is monitored for changes and if a change is detected, the embedded file in the cherrytree document is updated automatically. all the external applications used to open embedded files must be closed before closing cherrytree since cherrytree will delete the temporary files at quit (a dialog warns the user to do so at cherrytree quit time if one or more opened embedded files is detected).
• the embedded files have now the time of latest edit and the size visible in tooltip.
• added configurable option to have codeboxes expand automatically.
• the following commands now work also inside of the codeboxes: text row cut/copy/delete/up/down, text change case, text duplicate, insertion of special chars, timestamp, horizontal rule, lists handling.
• added right click menu to cut, copy and delete embedded files and anchors.
• added menu item and shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+R) to toggle the Read Only property of the selected node.
• when we double click on text we are used to see the word under mouse to be selected. now it is possible in configuration to add chars to include in the selection (e.g. adding ‘@’ you select whole text me@mail).
• added tooltip in find all matches dialog indicating the full node path.
• improved the tree in links dialog and node change father dialog: now the middle (or wheel) click works also here to expand/collapse underlying node and also the double click toggles the expanded/collapsed state. furthermore the expanded/collapsed nodes status is the same of the main tree.
• added menu item to open the directory containing the preferences files.
• fixed several bugs.

caja-pyextensions 3.3 issued

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

• created first version of the python extensions handler working with caja (mate desktop environment)

cherrytree 0.34.1 issued

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

• fixed bug introduced in 0.34.0 in search and/or replace, all matches
• fixed bug in handling of image format not recognized when pasting uri from clipboard
• updated the Polish language from Marcin Swierczynski
• updated the Italian language from new maintainer Vincenzo Reale
• Ctrl+Shift+A not only to show the “Find All Matches” dialog but also hide it

cherrytree 0.34.0 issued

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

• implemented the possibility to embed files of any type in the cherrytree documents: a clip icon image is inserted in the rich text and right clicking on it the file can be saved to a disk location. the clip icon size is configurable in the preferences dialog
• implemented the possibility to associate links to the images through right click menu item. when the image has a link associated, a colored arrow is visible over the image
• added right click menu item to insert newline in table cell and restored functionality of the shortcut Ctrl+period
• added shortcuts for text Foreground and Background color Shift+Alt+F and Shift+Alt+B
• added shortcuts Ctrl+Alt+1, Ctrl+Alt+2 and Ctrl+Alt+3 for lists bulleted, numbered and todo
• added shortcuts Ctrl+Plus and Ctrl+Minus to increase/decrease the font of tree and text
• the number of backups to keep is now configurable
• added import from EssentialPIM HTML file
• fixed several bugs
• handling of cases when dbus is not working properly causing cherrytree not to start, this happens so far only on windows in some cases and may be a firewall related problem. in these cases the centralized instances control is disabled and cherrytree still works

cherrytree 0.33.4 issued

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

• fixed bugs in iterated searching
• fixed bug in sorting of nodes and sqlite documents
• added appdata specification file

cherrytree 0.33.3 issued

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

• bugfix: write character in codebox, do not save, go to other node, go back and the character in codebox is gone

cherrytree 0.33.2 issued

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

• bugfix: “File–New Instance” not working after adopting DBus for multiple instances control in place of TCP
• bugfix in export to HTML
• the Menu key pops up now the proper right click menu for Tree, Text, CodeBox, Table, Image and Anchor
• tables: added shortcuts Ctrl+comma to Add Row, Ctrl+Alt+comma to Delete Row
• tables: added shortcuts Ctrl+period to Move Row Down, Ctrl+Alt+period to Move Row Up
• windows portable version: if a file “config.cfg” is found in the same directory of “cherrytree.exe”, all settings will become portable, just create an empty file “config.cfg” (or copy an existing one) and start cherrytree

cherrytree 0.33.1 issued

Monday, May 12th, 2014

• the number of backups changes from 1 to 3, in next versions this will be configurable
• fixed critical bug in windows version and password protected documents causing in some cases the loss of all data
• replaced old TCP client/server multiple instances control with new one using DBus client/server for security reason
• added Armenian language from Seda Stamboltsyan
• several other minor bugfixes
• tree navigation: key Ctrl+(up, down, left, right) causing maximum focus movement walking towards (up, down, left, right) direction
• tree navigation: it is possible to select the tree and start typing a node name to change the selected node to the first non hidden node starting with the typed chars
• added keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+M to monospace, Ctrl+Alt+M to insert timestamp, Ctrl+Alt+I to insert image, Ctrl+Alt+T to insert table, Ctrl+Alt+C to insert codebox