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cherrytree 0.35.7 issued

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

• improved checks at password protected documents save time after reports of data loss in windows os
• updated Portuguese-Brazilian language

cherrytree 0.35.6 issued

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

• the middle (or wheel) click on a link to file or folder opens the parent directory of the target file or folder
• added tree right click menu item to bookmark the selected node
• bugfix in reading a cherrytree XML document
• bugfix in relative links click
• bugfix in import from treepad lite
• updated French language from new maintainer Klaus Becker

cherrytree 0.35.5 issued

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

• bugfix: conversion from rich text to plain text of links results in the link target only if the link is the sole text copied and is not a link to node
• bugfix: relative links are to be relative to the document folder and not to the executable folder
• bugfix: right click over a selection including a link causes deselection if the right click is over the link
• bugfix in import from tuxcards
• bugfix: paste from firefox on windows with russian language page
• bugfix: paste text in a codebox causing an auto resize, change node without saving before, go back to the older node, the text pasted in the codebox is lost
• changed automatic conversion from ascii chars to “todo list” from “[ ] ” to “[] ”

cherrytree 0.35.4 issued

Monday, November 10th, 2014

• bugfix: export to plain text and conversion from rich text to plain text problems in 0.35.3
• bugfix: automatic list set after inserting “* ” and “[ ] ” problems in 0.35.3
• bugfix: crash in codebox auto expansion
• bugfix: crash loading the links dialog

cherrytree 0.35.3 issued

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

• fixed bugs in copying rich text between cherrytree, libreoffice and gmail preserving the rich text properties; as a consequence the html import/export was improved
• fixed bugs in importing text files with non utf-8 encoding
• fixed bug in automatic word selection when applying a formatting
• fixed bug in TOC not recognizing headers
• fixed bug causing the codeboxes with automatic expansion to crash
• fixed bugs in the conversion between the three list types
• changed the behaviour of the direction arrows in the tree navigation: the left key collapses the node, the right key expands the node, the up and down arrows move the selection up and down not only between siblings (as it was before) but in the whole tree
• links copy and paste: when converting from a rich text source to a plain text destination, now the link target is preserved, the link label is dropped
• improved the links dialog navigation: the Tab key toggles between the link types, the tree is navigable using the four direction arrows and typing text while the focus is on the tree searches for a node name
• added “Common Lisp” syntax highlighting definition from
• fixed bugs in import from KeyNote
• other minor fixes

cherrytree 0.35.2 issued

Monday, October 13th, 2014

• bugfix: drag n drop with destination before the first sibling
• bugfix: codebox memory of latest used settings
• updated Armenian language

caja & nautilus pyextensions 3.4 issued

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

• added “TortoiseHG Here” that allows to open the TortoiseHG Workbench on the selected folder/current directory for either Caja and Nautilus 3

cherrytree 0.35.1 issued

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

• bugfix: pressing cancel on node add/edit dialog still inserts corrupted node

cherrytree 0.35.0 issued

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

• the toolbar is now configurable in a dedicated preferences dialog tab.
• added configurable option to use relative paths in links to files and folders.
• added limit of 10 MB to embedded files. embedding larger files is not safe.
• implemented the possibility to open embedded files with double click or right click menu. the opened embedded file is saved to a temporary location and opened with an external application same as it happens for links to files. the temporary file is monitored for changes and if a change is detected, the embedded file in the cherrytree document is updated automatically. all the external applications used to open embedded files must be closed before closing cherrytree since cherrytree will delete the temporary files at quit (a dialog warns the user to do so at cherrytree quit time if one or more opened embedded files is detected).
• the embedded files have now the time of latest edit and the size visible in tooltip.
• added configurable option to have codeboxes expand automatically.
• the following commands now work also inside of the codeboxes: text row cut/copy/delete/up/down, text change case, text duplicate, insertion of special chars, timestamp, horizontal rule, lists handling.
• added right click menu to cut, copy and delete embedded files and anchors.
• added menu item and shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+R) to toggle the Read Only property of the selected node.
• when we double click on text we are used to see the word under mouse to be selected. now it is possible in configuration to add chars to include in the selection (e.g. adding ‘@’ you select whole text me@mail).
• added tooltip in find all matches dialog indicating the full node path.
• improved the tree in links dialog and node change father dialog: now the middle (or wheel) click works also here to expand/collapse underlying node and also the double click toggles the expanded/collapsed state. furthermore the expanded/collapsed nodes status is the same of the main tree.
• added menu item to open the directory containing the preferences files.
• fixed several bugs.

caja-pyextensions 3.3 issued

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

• created first version of the python extensions handler working with caja (mate desktop environment)