cherrytree 0.37.0 issued

• implemented configurability of most of the keyboard shortcuts (few of them cannot be changed)
• implemented quick access to last visited nodes with configurable number of buttons on the node name header
• implemented the possibility to select from a list the default icon for all the (non code) nodes in the tree; code nodes have by default explicit icons related to the programming language
• implemented the possibility for any node to set an icon from a list
• implemented the possibility for any node to set color and boldness for the node name
• implemented control of the vertical space around lines (work by bfloch)
• implemented the possibility to disable the smart quotes auto replacement
• implemented the option to have the links underlined or not
• implemented the tree node action “move right” to make a node son of the above sibling; taking shortcut Shift+Right
• implemented the possibility at mouse click on the node to expand it and to have the focus moved to the text
• implemented the import from RedNotebook
• added in the preferences dialog the possibility to reset to the default values the toolbar and the special characters

12 Responses to “cherrytree 0.37.0 issued”

  1. Kinami says:

    Thank you! The recent nodes tabs are quite convenient, and everything seems to be working smoothly (Windows 10, Chinese translation.

  2. keypey says:

    Many thanks Giuseppe!
    Great application. It is may favorite project and note application.

    With Cherrytree, I quit Windows, and moved from AllMyNotes all my notes!

  3. mahdi says:

    Fantastic, keep it coming! Especially glad to see keyboard customization I never expected that and got used to defaults, but thanks anyway 🙂

  4. Kojirion says:

    Thank you!!
    The Red Notebook import was a welcome surprise!
    I’m only wondering if there is a reason the nodes are imported in a date format different than what you get by Insert Today’s Node (F8); since that would integrate directly to a diary/journal kept in cherrytree.

  5. giuspen says:

    Thanks everybody for the kind feedback.
    @Kojirion: The imported date format is just the same of RedNotebook unconverted, I didn’t think about the compatibility with existing Today’s Node (F8), I’ll consider improving it.

  6. Matt Z says:

    Very nice! Great work & thank you!

  7. rabarber says:

    how to disable “quick access to last visited nodes with configurable number of buttons on the node name header” ?

    imho it does not look very nice nor modern.

  8. giuspen says:

    @rabarber: Just go to the preferences, tab “Tree 2” and set the “Last Visited Nodes on None Name Header” to 0

  9. Gonzalo says:

    Giuseppe: thanks a lot for this great piece of software! I’ve been using it now for several years and it is the best. I truly hop you continue adding features, but without bloating this light, fast, wonderfully uncomplicated program. Keep it up! Gonzalo (Mexico).

  10. Meuh says:

    Kicks ass! thank you!

  11. alex says:

    I just tried to update to CherryTree 0.37.0 and I’m not able to use it. When I tried to open CherryTree it showed an error message and had to close.

    The logfile ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\CherryTree\bin\cherrytree.exe.log’ could not be opened:
    [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘C:\\Program Files (x86)\\CherryTree\\bin\\cherrytree.exe.log’

  12. Inter says:

    I just want say THANK YOU! For all work You put in this project. I love this program and I am delighted with the next update. The changes you make are really great!

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