cherrytree 0.36.9 issued

• new icons for codebox and table, fixed icon for image
• updated Chinese language to 100% coverage (Channing Wong)
• updated German language (fix from Stefan Pöschel)

12 Responses to “cherrytree 0.36.9 issued”

  1. Kinami says:

    Thanks for updating the Chinese–I was hoping for that.

  2. tom.i says:

    Is it possible that git doesn’t update it to last version? After “git pull” it shows me that cherrytree is up-to-date, but when it opens main window, it shows message, that new version is available.

  3. giuspen says:

    The languages depend from the volunteers that keep the languages up, thanks to Channing Wong for updating it in this case 🙂

    What happened is that the master branch, which has the most recent code, still had version 0.36.8 while the older branch where I released the new version from (named 0.36.x) had the version 0.36.9. I should have fixed the problem now, currently the master branch should display version 0.36.99 and you should see in the status bar a message indicating that you are using a development version.

  4. Tejas says:

    I m not able to copy text from CherryTree notes. Can you please fix this issue?
    I use 0.36.8 on windows environment.

  5. giuspen says:

    Is it systematic or it happens from time to time? Is it happening also with 0.36.9?

  6. Mike Hopkins says:

    Is it possible to enter markup in the timestamp string that results in the timestamp printing automatically in bold text?

  7. giuspen says:

    The markup is not currently supported in the timestamp string

  8. Anatolie Istrati says:

    Great product. I am using it for my customer data management. I am so happy with cherry tree. You may want to add that attachment feature like the NoteCase product, so we could add files to any node.

  9. giuspen says:

    Hello, you can already attach files, click on the paperclip on the toolbar to do that

  10. Linda Kaioh says:

    Glad to see new version, but please fix command line handling in Windows already v_v

  11. install cherrytree0.36-9 is fail in the centos7.2,Linux 3.10.0-327.18.2.el7.x86_64,
    please,help me ,where is the install notes.

  12. giuspen says:

    what fails, the installation of the .rpm you downloaded from the cherrytree homepage?

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