cherrytree 0.35.6 issued

• the middle (or wheel) click on a link to file or folder opens the parent directory of the target file or folder
• added tree right click menu item to bookmark the selected node
• bugfix in reading a cherrytree XML document
• bugfix in relative links click
• bugfix in import from treepad lite
• updated French language from new maintainer Klaus Becker

17 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.35.6 issued”

  1. Hello,

    congratulations to the cherrytree tool. I like it.

    I would like to suggest, maybe You can make an option for the search function to include the sub-nodes in the search, not only the current node ??

    Greetings and happy Xmas

  2. Hello Klemens, the option you request is already implemented in the current version 0.35.6, check the top “Search” menu.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas, Giuseppe! Many thanks for developing and this great project! I appreciate your great work very much!

  4. Thank you very much for such a wonderful tool! I’ve tried A LOT of tree software, knowledge managers, personal wikis, etc., and -by far- I like CherryTree as the best.

    Lightweight, fast, efficient, a lot of features bot not too many (I do hope you keep adding some features, but please, PLEASE, do not try to adopt everything that crosses your mind…)

    Again, thanks a lot, and a Merry Christmas and very happy new year.

  5. Great work Giuseppe!
    I’m trying Cherrytree right now, it seems a very handy tool, you’re doing an amazing job!

  6. When can we expect
    “assign custom icons to nodes/sub nodes and add option to sub-folder/notes (child) to take on parent icon”
    moved from TODO list to features list?

  7. Hi, I have a little problem:

    When I use F8, it makes a new “date” entry with wrong month, for example 2015 / ѳ / 08. It gives no month at all with February or other month. And I’m not sure what this Greek symbol “ѳ” means either…

    Very nice program though, will migrate to it from tiddlywiki.

    I got Windows 7 Pro (Ukrainian).

  8. Hi, I added the F8 problem to the issue tracker thank you, hope to find some free time soon to dedicate to bug-fixing.

  9. Hello Giuspen,

    I have to say I can’t thank you enough for offering such a robust and flexible note taking environment! Now rather than succumbing to the hive-mind mentality of web based, cloud hosted, note taking and storage at a monthly premium I can make organized notes and feel comfortable in my own secure environment. I will donate when I have the opportunity. 🙂

    So far the only ‘bug’ I’ve come across in 0.35.6 seems to involve adding a ‘new-line’ (%n) to the ‘Timestamp’. To test this, in ‘Edit>Preferences’ I first entered “%x %X” which functioned as expected. However when “%x %n %X” was entered, nothing would appear in the text window when I attempted to insert a Timestamp via toolbar menu, right click context menu or hot-key(ctrl + alt + m). Confused, I closed the program and was delighted with the concise notification referring to an error log and its location: “\\CherryTree\bin\cherrytree.exe.log”.

    Here is the log:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “core.pyc”, line 4584, in timestamp_insert
    ValueError: Invalid format string

    Nothing major, amazing program all the same. Thank you so much for your efforts, you’ve helped re-roll my sputtering workflow into a high-performance machine of finely tuned features for speed and precision!

  10. Hi BloxxFoxx, unfortunately “%n” is not supported on windows while on linux it works properly, I wasn’t aware of this.

  11. Thanks for the right click ‘add to bookmarks’ option – it has made my life easier. I hope you managed to get out for some ‘social activities’ over the holiday period – especially with all that comes with a new job / workmates / accomodation / country (plus home links to maintain) … all that and CherryTree as well – I’m impressed!!
    I hope my fellow country men/women are helping you settle in down there – all the best for the New Year – and thanks again

  12. Hi zenephi, your country men/women (in Portsmouth) have been kind with me and my family, everything is fine here so far, all the best to you for the New Year 🙂

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