cherrytree 0.35.0 issued

• the toolbar is now configurable in a dedicated preferences dialog tab.
• added configurable option to use relative paths in links to files and folders.
• added limit of 10 MB to embedded files. embedding larger files is not safe.
• implemented the possibility to open embedded files with double click or right click menu. the opened embedded file is saved to a temporary location and opened with an external application same as it happens for links to files. the temporary file is monitored for changes and if a change is detected, the embedded file in the cherrytree document is updated automatically. all the external applications used to open embedded files must be closed before closing cherrytree since cherrytree will delete the temporary files at quit (a dialog warns the user to do so at cherrytree quit time if one or more opened embedded files is detected).
• the embedded files have now the time of latest edit and the size visible in tooltip.
• added configurable option to have codeboxes expand automatically.
• the following commands now work also inside of the codeboxes: text row cut/copy/delete/up/down, text change case, text duplicate, insertion of special chars, timestamp, horizontal rule, lists handling.
• added right click menu to cut, copy and delete embedded files and anchors.
• added menu item and shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+R) to toggle the Read Only property of the selected node.
• when we double click on text we are used to see the word under mouse to be selected. now it is possible in configuration to add chars to include in the selection (e.g. adding ‘@’ you select whole text me@mail).
• added tooltip in find all matches dialog indicating the full node path.
• improved the tree in links dialog and node change father dialog: now the middle (or wheel) click works also here to expand/collapse underlying node and also the double click toggles the expanded/collapsed state. furthermore the expanded/collapsed nodes status is the same of the main tree.
• added menu item to open the directory containing the preferences files.
• fixed several bugs.

21 thoughts to “cherrytree 0.35.0 issued”

  1. “…now it is possible in configuration to add chars to include in the selection…” – Just yesterday I was wishing this feature was there!

  2. thank you for developing this software, i dropped the free version of treepad to use this. i use it as a cookbook.

  3. Fantastic, I’ve been using Cherrytree to organize my todos and projects at work and I’ve had several people see me using it and inquiring on where they can get it. Thanks for this amazing software.


  4. Thank you very much for this indispensible tool! The adding of relative links makes it even more useful as a knowledge base combined with an external storage of additional files.

  5. Dear developer,
    Thank you for your hardwork! I have been using it for several months and not use it everyday.
    I have a feature suggestion. It’s very common for me to paste source code when taking programming notes. Instead of the code box, I am wondering if it’s possible to just select some pasted text/code, right click and select something like “format as source code”, then there can be a box to choose language from. It doesn’t have to be what I described, but you got the idea. Using code box is more rigid IMHO, and I do feel the format method better integrates code segment with other note text. You can welcomed to email me how you think. Thanks again for sharing this nice software, it’s helpful indeed!

  6. Many thanks for the kind feedbacks!

    @Chen: what you ask is to speed up the process of:
    1) create the codebox
    2) paste the plain text inside the codebox
    3) set the desired language highlight
    4) select the codebox content
    5) copy and paste the content to rich text outside the codebox (the pasted text outside will be colored)
    6) delete the codebox (because this is the only way for me to obtain the highlighting)

    This is the only sequence of operations that let me obtain the result, I can check if an automation is feasible but cannot promise to give to this high priority since have many things scheduled.

  7. The tracking of embedded/temporary files is ingenious!

    Cherrytree is such a gem. Thank you so much, as always, for your ongoing work.

  8. cherrytree is really a very good tool. I love it! Thanks for your work! Now waitting for the feature to customize own keyboard shortcuts!

  9. Thanks for all the great work! Alas, a minor usability issue has surfaced using CT on a “dark theme” (“Mate-Dark” on recently-released UbuntuMate-14.04.1): many of the tool-bar icons’ background (mostly the text-formatting ones) appears to be transparent thus the window-managers near-“dark” background color bleeds thoruhg the icons and makes their foreground symbil, i.e. underscore, very hard to read/distinguish. Is there a way to customize CT’s color scheme, or the toolbar’s, with an .rc file a la Caja’s sub-theme?

  10. Great software. I use it everyday for knowledge db and password repository. Another program that I like very much is called “Basket Note Pad” You may already be familiar with it.

    But it isn’t well supported anymore, and doesn’t have some of the features of CT. However, the flexibility of the note window because of the possibility to add mini-scrollable windows is quite amazing. Is there any possibility to add a similar capability to Cherrytree?

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