cherrytree 0.30.0 issued

• Added spell check using the library pygtkspellcheck (which uses pyenchant). In windows version the dictionaries of all languages supported by translators except Chinese are included in the installer;
• Added opportunity to insert special characters in text using top menu or right click menu. It is possible to edit the default list of characters in the preferences dialog;
• Added export to single plain text file;
• Improved TOC of the whole tree including links to all existing nodes of the tree, not only those with tags h1, h2 and h3;
• Added menu item and shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+J) to expand/collapse the selected tree node;
• Added shortcut to remove formatting from selected rich text (Ctrl+Shift+R);
• Added basic import from keynote (.knt);
• Added configurable option to enable/disable the option to reload the document from the last session at application start (before it was always enabled);
• Fixed bug in shortcut to paste to rich text node as plain text, discarding formatting (Ctrl+Shift+V);
• Fixed several bugs in export to HTML and PDF;
• Fixed bugs in import from Zim, Tomboy and Gnote;
• Fixed several other bugs.

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  1. […] Hello Linux Geeksters. As you may know, CherryTree is a text editor, with the features of a modern editor, such as syntax highlighting, spell check, export to html, password protection, and many others. The latest version available is CherryTree 0.30.0, which has been released recently. For more information, see the official release announcement. […]

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