cherrytree 0.37.6 issued

October 25th, 2016

• added auto apply of links to nodes as you type [[node name]] in rich text nodes
• the text formatted monospace has now by default gray background; configurable in config.cfg
• fixed problem causing the highlighted line to have wrong background
• fixed crash caused by too large tooltip hovering a link
• fixes to Spanish language submitted by stripTM

cherrytree 0.37.5 issued

October 2nd, 2016

• the password protected documents now use 7zip fastest compression resulting in faster save and slightly larger documents
• added auto apply of web links as you type in rich text nodes
• added auto apply of links to nodes as you type in rich text nodes (CamelCase nodes names only)
• added proper scrolling to cursor after pasting of multiple lines of text from the clipboard
• added palette to the color picker dialog for the node name
• fixed bugs related to export to pdf of tables and codeboxes
• limited the spell check to rich text nodes after currently unresolvable problems with plain text spell check

cherrytree 0.37.4 issued

August 20th, 2016

• bugfix: regression since 0.37.0 for trees with more than 11 levels and cherries per node level
• added groovy language syntax highlighting support
• added language Greek, work of Delphina

cherrytree 0.37.3 issued

August 6th, 2016

• bugfix: problem with sqlite storage (ctb, ctx), bold node name and plain text node
• for the document type XML (ctd, ctz) changed the generated XML to be pretty (indented)
• change to slightly larger ‘small font’ in formatted text

cherrytree 0.37.2 issued

July 8th, 2016

• fixed problems introduced with configurability of the bulleted lists chars
• fixed problem with search in selected node and subnodes and progressbar
• the latest applied formatting is now remembered between sessions
• the Ctrl+Space shortcut now allows to enter and exit the codeboxes
• updated Lithuanian language

cherrytree 0.37.1 issued

June 20th, 2016

• bugfix: import of text documents bad decoding (added new dependency python-chardet)
• bugfix: copy/paste of table row not working
• the chars used for the multi level bulleted lists are configurable editing config.cfg (editor/chars_listbul)
• the chars used for the toc are configurable editing config.cfg (editor/chars_toc)
• updated languages French, German and Polish

cherrytree 0.37.0 issued

May 27th, 2016

• implemented configurability of most of the keyboard shortcuts (few of them cannot be changed)
• implemented quick access to last visited nodes with configurable number of buttons on the node name header
• implemented the possibility to select from a list the default icon for all the (non code) nodes in the tree; code nodes have by default explicit icons related to the programming language
• implemented the possibility for any node to set an icon from a list
• implemented the possibility for any node to set color and boldness for the node name
• implemented control of the vertical space around lines (work by bfloch)
• implemented the possibility to disable the smart quotes auto replacement
• implemented the option to have the links underlined or not
• implemented the tree node action “move right” to make a node son of the above sibling; taking shortcut Shift+Right
• implemented the possibility at mouse click on the node to expand it and to have the focus moved to the text
• implemented the import from RedNotebook
• added in the preferences dialog the possibility to reset to the default values the toolbar and the special characters

cherrytree 0.36.9 issued

March 29th, 2016

• new icons for codebox and table, fixed icon for image
• updated Chinese language to 100% coverage (Channing Wong)
• updated German language (fix from Stefan Pöschel)

cherrytree 0.36.8 issued

March 14th, 2016

• fixed bug in font zoom in/out on tree and text with ctrl down and mouse wheel up/down

cherrytree 0.36.7 issued

March 14th, 2016

• implemented font zoom in/out on tree and text with ctrl down and mouse wheel up/down
• implemented auto replace as you type of single and double quotes with smart quotes
• export to html: it is now possibile to override the default styles.css in the preferences dir
• updated icons of rich text color foreground/background
• updated language Czech (Pavel Fric)