cherrytree 0.38.10 issued

  • bugfix: error opening encrypted documents when path contains non-ASCII characters (#399)
  • bugfix: removing the text formatting was possible in read-only Node (#543)
  • bugfix: collapse all nodes at startup doesn’t work with enabled expand tree at mouse click (#569)
  • added support for export to pdf from command line (#584)
  • supporting new syntax highlighting for language kotlin
  • ‘reload after external update to ct* file’ disabled by default (#602)
  • ‘smart quotes auto replacement’ replacing characters configurable manually editing config.cfg
  • added small sigma to default special chars (#563)
  • support mac osx for open link to file, default custom action (#564)
  • added dollar as character not to be used in passwords; note that all chars will be instead usable in upcoming gtkmm3 version (#545)
  • minor changes to support reading a document that has been edited from the upcoming gtkmm3 version of cherrytree
  • minor changes to support reading a config.cfg that has been edited from the upcoming gtkmm3 version of cherrytree

cherrytree 0.38.9 issued

  • Auto replacement of symbols as you type is now configurable in preferences dialog, tab Text (work of trololo88)
  • Ctrl+Space to toggle To-Do List Item State; fixed multilevel bug
  • Paste/import from html – added basic support for
  • In codeboxes use code font for both plain text and syntax hilighting (work of akwala)
  • Fix paste as plain text into CodeBox cause losing CodeBox content (#538)
  • Export to html, stylesheet revamp (work of gonzalezjo)

cherrytree 0.38.8 issued

  • Improved implementation of deletion of recent documents entry (#382)
  • Ctrl+Space to toggle To-Do List Item State (#438)
  • Fix detection of missing installation of xterm required in code execution on linux (with default settings)
  • Horizontal rule insert without hard coded newline before (still newline after)
  • updated Spanish language (Daniel)
  • updated Greek language (Delphina)
  • updated Armenian language (Seda)

cherrytree 0.38.7 issued

* bugfix – problem of locale.getdefaultlocale behavioural change in python (#412)
* bugfix – must not allow deletion of a node that is read only (#419)
* allow deletion of a recent documents entry via entry submenu (#382)
* renamed two iterated find dialog labels from Find & Find to Find Previous & Find Next (#423)
* moved python-appindicator from Depends: to Recommends: (#401)
* export to html, include node name not working without links tree (#417)

cherrytree 0.38.6 issued

* bugfix – do not throw error when failing to clean temporary directory (#392)
* bugfix – workaround for locale.get issues (#395)
* bugfix – import from html of table error resulting in paste from clipboard error (#236)
* bugfix – multilevel numbered lists not restarting from one
* bugfix – wrap line with a single very long word (#378)
* todo list characters configurable in config.cfg (#339)
* import from zim, support for codebox (#386)

cherrytree 0.38.5 issued

* bugfix – when save on exit is enabled and write to disk fails, changes are lost (#358)
* bugfix – superscript and subscript tags not recognized when copied from external source (#355)
* bugfix – workaround for bug in locale module (#368)
* added syntax highlighting for go language
* implemented support for opening a text file from the command line with cherrytree

cherrytree 0.38.4 issued

* support for zoom in tables (#292) with both Ctrl+Mouse Wheel or Ctrl+Plus/Minus
* copy/paste rich text with dark background to light background – fix too light color
* tree visible status now persistent after system tray hide/show and between sessions
* default value changes for web link color (less bright blue) and codebox auto resize (to False)
* no special chars auto replacements for code – only for rich and plain text (#293)
* paste from rich text and import from html – support fot tag <code> to codebox (#229)
* Tab key also valid to switch between table cell (#298)

cherrytree 0.38.3 issued

* bugfix saving sqlite document (syntax error)
* plain text to have font independent from rich text (#258)
* right click menu inside of codeboxes, added cut/copy as plain text
* paste rich text from clipboard fix
* HTML-export IOError: ‘filename too long’ (#285)
* bugfix in export to pdf
* added Finnish language (Henri Kaustinen)